Our Medical Team

Of course, we offer constant, 24/7 support from skilled registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.
But what about more advanced clinical services?

You won’t need to compete for medical attention in our small, close-knit community. We have many professionals who are available to treat and support any patient or resident who needs it, including our:

We collaborate regularly with hospitals and physicians to make sure that your whole healthcare team works together to address your needs and provide comprehensive, timely care.

  • Medical Director, who is responsible for the overarching care of every resident and patient and ensures that we’re always providing quality clinical services.
  • Wound Care Doctors and Nurses assess and treat any wounds to promote healing, change dressings, and prevent infection.
  • Physiatrists will guide you through a personalized physical therapy program alongside our expert therapy team, helping you recover strength, range of movement, flexibility, balance, and more.
  • Cardiologists are doctors who specialize in the heart. Our cardiologist can help you recover from heart surgeries and heart conditions.
  • Pulmonologists are doctors who specialize in lung function. Our pulmonologist can help you recover from or better manage an array of lung and breathing conditions, from pneumonia to COPD.
  • Specialists for complex needs. From dementia to dialysis, we rely on specialized staff who work on and off-site to ensure that your complex needs are well-cared for.
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